King of Shaves E-Commerce Website

In 2012 I was involved in the revamp of King of Shaves’ consumer website however in late 2013 it was decided that the site needed to upgraded to include the separate online store and subscription websites. Working in conjunction with Rees Kenyon Design, we decided to continue with using the WordPress Content Management System and integrate it with the now mature Woocommerce shopping platform. The brief was to have an easy-to-use, clean looking site where the product was king! It was also essential that the new transactional site was responsive so it can be viewed and shopped on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

In just over eight weeks I designed, provided graphics / images and wrote copy for the entire site as well as providing all the detail to populate the online store. I was also heavily involved in backend work including setting up payment gateway and fulfilment house integration. Once the updated site went live on 16 January 2014 at (timed to coincide with the launch of King of Shaves’ new Hyperglide System Razor) we then worked on integrating subscriptions into the store’s online shop.

King of Shaves Home Page

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