JoJo’s Meze, Meat & Fish Restaurant New Website

After seven years, and over 105,000 visits I felt it was time to re-design the original JoJo’s Restaurant website. There were two reasons for this, firstly I wanted to add a content management system to make it easier to update. And secondly JoJo’s had applied to the Transmanche Enterprise Network (TEN) Project run by Canterbury Council to have some parts of the site translated into French and Dutch so the new design needed to be able to handle more than one language.

The first JoJo’s website received a lot of praise for its simplicity and clarity so I endeavoured to keep the site extremely straightforward to use whilst making it stylish to look at and, of course, retaining the slightly quirky text style – these are all qualities of the actual restaurant and I felt it was important these were reflected in the new site. The new website went live in early October at and I guess it must have been successful as I have had to twice increase the bandwidth limit since then!

Appreciation must also go to Virginie for the French translation and Kent Union Jobshop for organising the Dutch; thanks to Annie at Interactrice for telling JoJo’s about the TEN Project and Natalia at the Local Economy Team of Canterbury Council for facilitating.

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