King of Shaves Online Store Design

KMI opened its first online store at back in 1999. At the time I was working at Ambleglow and I bodged the design and pages together using a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and my trusty copy of GoLive’s Cyber Studio 3 (one of the first WYSIWYG website authoring programs). It took me about three months of working every evening and I relied upon an amazing coder, Olly Stephens, who was also working in the evenings, to take my mess of code, ideas and graphics and turn it into a fully functioning online secure store and website.

In 2007 KMI decided it was time to completely revamp and upgrade the store and working with e-commerce specialists, Paraspar, the new site with a comprehensive CMS system was launched at It featured many of the brands handled by KMI at the time and I was responsible for creating all the banners, promo images and product shots.

In 2009 King of Shaves was de-merged from KMI so we re-branded the store I am still responsible for the look-n-feel of the store including all the banners and I now also update all the content including uploading new products and writing all the descriptive text. Home Page

Click on the thumbnails below to view some of the store-front slide show banners plus a couple of screen shots of the home pages through the years.