Speirs and Major Associates Website

After my work on the Made of Light website, Mark Major from Speirs and Major Associates (world renowned lighting designers) asked me to help out with their corporate website www.samassociates.com. They required a ‘stop-gap’ HTML site whilst a Flash version was being developed.

Using a minimalist look so that their work took centre stage, I designed and coded the site with an animated intro to showcase some of their recent projects plus pages with comprehensive information on the team, the practice, recent projects, awards, locations, employment and so forth – all the usual requirements of a corporate site. After four months of development, the temporary site was launched in February 2006.

I continued to regularly update and develop the site for Speirs and Major until July 2010 when, at last, they launched their new website to coincide with a new identity they had commissioned. I was pretty pleased that my ‘stop-gap’ had been deemed professional enough to have lasted over four years.

Speirs and Major Flash intro

Click on a thumbnail image to view some sample pages.